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Biodiesel and Ethanol Projects are in strong demand presently. HOWEVER, your business project can utilize many of the same services described below. Whether you want to expand your farrow-to-finish operation, your elevator storage, purchase additional land or livestock, or build a biodiesel plant, the following services are most likely applicable.

  • 21 years of continuous service to Farmers and Agri-Businesses throughout the central plains
  • 10 years active contributor to Ethanol Projects
  • 5 years active contributor to Biodiesel Projects

Do you need a Feasibility Study for your business idea?

Do you need a Business Plan for your Business Project?

Do you need assistance with financing your Business Project?

Are you interested in a company that can provide proven providers for:

  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Financial Procurement
  • Grant Writing
  • Entire Project Management

Equity Energy Resources has provided all of these services, plus many more. We are your one stop service provider for your business projects. PLEASE, call us for a no-obligation conversation. We are a "no-pressure" organization. Our goal is to assist you and your team with a positive resolution.

Project Management Resources:

  • Biodiesel project from ideas to operations
  • Corn Ethanol projects
  • Waste Management Projects
  • Wind Power Project
  • Power Plants
  • Organic Dairy Projects
  • Fertilizer Projects
  • Farming Operation Projects
  • Farming Consolidations
  • Farming Expansions

6317 N.E. Antioch Road, Suite 104, Kansas City, Missouri 64119     Office: 816 455-4548   Toll Free: 877 455-1945   Fax: 816 455-5353
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