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The Equity Energy Resources feasibility study provides business information to help decide (Should we do it). The study will focus on site analysis to determine the competitive advantage of the site. Site analysis includes feedstock proximity miles from the projected plant site. Transportation analysis includes rail, roads, river, and pipe line service. Site resources like electricity, steam, and natural gas lines are analyzed. Employment (labor) resources are also analyzed. Biodiesel markets are analyzed and availability and for market contracts human resource management and availability of labor is analyzed.

Environmental is assessed involving state, federal and DNR compliance. Permit requirements are assessed in regards to the projected site. Financial strategies are analyzed to provide the competitive advantage. EFR develops a financial plan to provide the funding for operating loans, equity and term financing. Glycerin by product market plans are analyzed to determine the competitive advantage of each. Community services of the site are analyzed to provide the competitive advantage. Legal analysis for ownership, financial strategies are analyzed to provide the competitive advantage. EFR feasibility study assesses the tax consequences when the plant is in production. EFR feasibility study analyzes the competitive advantage for the site evaluation, market evaluation, economic evaluation, operating evaluation, financial evaluation, management evaluation and feedstock procurement evaluation.

Feasibility Studies includes:

  • Site analysis,
  • Utilities analysis,
  • Transportation analysis,
  • Feed stock analysis,
  • Financial analysis,
  • Management analysis,
  • Legal analysis and tax analysis,
  • Market analysis,
  • Human Resource analysis,
  • Feed stock analysis.

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