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"Equity helped us to reorganize our debt structure and then arranged a line of credit for 2004. The line of credit was more competitive in rates and terms than what we could get locally. The line of credit allowed us to buy crop inputs at very competitive prices, further reducing our costs. Equity also provides us a Marketing Advisory Service that has proved to be very profitable."
Quincy, IL
"Equity has been a financial resource for us for 18 years. They have arranged for our line of credit each year and have taken the rsponsibility to negotiate the terms and close the loan. We recently restructured our farm plans and debt structure strategy plans to Equity."
Craig, MO
"My business experience with Equity has been very good. We have received competitive interest rates, and the collateral rquirements are a lot less than what we have been providing. The collateral is corp insurance and a U.C.C. on growing crops. Equity found us a proactive agriculture bank, and our other business relationshop is going very well with the bank and with Equity."
Adair, IA
"Equity provied me with a financial resource that provied competitive interest rates and less collaterral than what we have been required to provide. Equity helped us get the best product discounts by getting our 2004 line of credit done early enough to capitalize on the best prices. They encouraged us to get our financial planning done earlier."
Burr, NE
"Equity has been able to help us with our business and marketing planning. They have helped us to maximize profits and control equity. They offer a lot more services than just crop input financing. Equity also is helping us with our business planning and financial management involving swine projects that we have an interest in. They have a strong financial resource network to help agricultural business with their financial farm management needs."
Hiwatha, KS
Equity Energy Resources wrote a feasibility study plan and business plan for our biodiesel plant. The plans helped us to determine should we do it and how to do it.
Clinton, Iowa
Equity Energy Resources developed a feedstock plan and marketing plan for our biodiesel plant.
Boca Raton, Florida
Equity Energy Resources provided our biodiesel plan and financial strategies to raise 39 million dollars in equity.
Atlanta, Georgia
Equity Energy Resources wrote a feasibility study and business plan for a 60 million gallon biodiesel plant and a 100 million gallon ethanol plant.
Louisville, Kentucky
Equity Energy Resources gave us guidance througy our human resource plan for our 15 million gallon biodiesel plan.
Quincy, Illinois
Equity Energy Resources provided engineering and technology resources for our 5 million gallon biodiesel plant.
Keokuk, Iowa and Scribner, Nebraska
Equity Energy Resources provided business plan and financial resource strategies for our 30 million gallon biodiesel project.
Wichita, Kansas
We enjoyed the project management we received from Equity Energy Resources these services proved quite helpful in our business decisions.
Atlanta, Georgia

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